Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Like many people, I have some things that I like to do in my spare time. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time are building Gundam models. Gundam started out as a Japanese anime TV show in Japan, often referred to as the Star Wars of Japan. Later on, Gundam also had it's own video games, manga, novels, and best of all toy models. 

Another thing I like to do is collect Pokemon cards. I had a lot of Pokemon cards when I was little, and decided to keep on collecting them. Most of my cards aren't worth a lot but a good amount are worth something. 

Finally, I enjoy playing a game called Team Fortress 2. In the game, there are nine different classes, all having their own special abilities, such as the fast but frail Scout. There are also different game modes, like capture the flag. In each game mode, the classes often rely on each other very closely, so team work is important.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snowboarding At Mountain High!

This winter break, my family and I went to Mountain High, a great snow resort located near Southern California. You can do many things at Mountain High, like sledding, snowboarding, and skiing. This year, my sister and I snowboarded but my dad skied. I had a really great time snowboarding. For 2013 I mostly went on Coyote and the intermediate. On the Coyote, it is not to steep and was a few ramps. I did a little tricks on the ramps, since it is relatively easy to do tricks on Coyote.  I did not do any tricks on the intermediate one because it was a bit steeper, therefore making it harder for control. After me and my family snowboarded and skied a little, we went to the lodge to rest.

Me on the Coyote! (Photo By Dad)

After we resting a little at the lodge, we went to play a little more. This time, I fell down a lot more than last time.  I fell right down on the hard packed ice. This year, it hadn't snowed a lot so it was mostly man made. The man made snow was a lot harder when it was packed. Ouch!

When It got late, we packed up and went home. My jacket was all wet, but fortunately it was waterproof so no water got me wet. My legs also really ached from snowboarding but even so ,we had an undoubtedly good time.

Have you ever been snowboarding or skiing?

If so, how did you do?

Where did you snowboard or ski?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tennis Camp

Three weeks ago, my sister and I started going to tennis camp for the summer. We go to camp at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center. Each day at eleven o'clock we go and start playing tennis. We first stretch and then we do a drill called "shadows". Shadows is a drill where we practice our swings. After that we start to work on our forehands and backhands. Those are the main things that we practice. When we finish that we practice other swings like approach shots. Approach shots are where the player runs up to the net to hit a short ball. Then we do some court to court challenges and then we have lunch.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   After lunch, we play some games such as Winners and Losers. We also play some matches against each other. At four o'clock we leave the camp and go home. 

  Do you go to summer camp?

          If so, which one?               

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Trip To Yosemite

      For the first week of summer, my family and I decided to go to Yosemite National Park. We left on June 15th. It was a very long two day drive. We drove for a long time until we stopped at a hotel in Fresno. The next day we continued to drive until we reached Yosemite. The place we were living in was a place called "Curry Village". It was like a village with tent houses. The interior of the houses were a wooden frame. The exterior was water proof fabric. On outside, there is a bear box to keep our where bears can't get to it. 

This is a tent in Curry Village.

       The first thing we did was unpack all our stuff. We then took a rest because we were very weary from all that driving and sitting. Next we went to the Visitor Center. In the Visitor Center, it had a 3-D map of Yosemite Valley. It also had a 2-D map of the whole Park hanging on the wall. I want to the section where it explains about Yosemite's history. It was very interesting to learn all that stuff. On fact is that John Muir founded Yosemite. 

        The next thing we did was to climb to the top of the side of Yosemite Falls. We first climbed the right side of Yosemite Falls, which was shorter than the left side. Then we decided to climb the left side next and we did! All in all, it was very fun.

This is Yosemite Falls. If you look closely, you can see people climbing the slope.

       After that, we went to Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake was shallow and the water was clear. You can even see the refection of Half Dome! That is why they call it Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake's water is just melted snow from winter. People could wade in the lake too.
This is a section of Mirror Lake.

   The next day we went to Glacier Point. It is a steep 4.6 hike to the top. We spent seven hours hiking up the steep mountain but we made it. The view was absolutely amazing. We then hiked down after we rested. The hike down was much faster and we got back at nine o' clock.

You can see Half Dome from Glacier Point.

   On Wednesday, we hiked to Vernal Falls. It was a 3 hour round trip, but it was easy. The water there was very fast and could sweep you away. The top of Vernal Falls was very high up. About fifty yards away, there was a lake that supplied Vernal falls with water. Some people where even swimming in it!

Sometimes, you can see a rainbow while hiking to the top of Vernal  Falls.

     After all, my trip to Yosemite was very exciting and fun.  

Have you ever been to Yosemite?

If so, which places did you visit?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome To My Awesome Blog

Photo by Ryan's dad
           Welcome To My Awesome Blog. I am starting my blog right after I graduated 5th grade. Things that I like is playing baseball.  Baseball is very fun and exciting. In the picture above, I am catching the ball at home plate. Another thing I like to do is to read. Some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter series. The best thing about the series is the fantasy in it. I am a great fan of fantasy.

Photo by Heather
           I also have some pets. I have a pet dog, Rocky, and a pet bunny, Bunny Wunny. Rocky is a lovable golden retriever. He is a awesome pet. He has a short legs due to the fact he is part Chou. Bunny Wunny is a brown rabbit that we got recently. He is also very cute too.

Do you have a pet?

If so what kind?

What are some of your hobbies?